Aerial Wildland Fire Control and Suppression

Airstrike Firefighters is committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable airtankers to the aerial firefighting industry.  To accomplish this goal, airtanker maintenance is a critically important cornerstone of the Airstrike strategy.  At the Airstrike home base in McClellan, California we have the most seasoned and experienced P-3 maintenance staff ever assembled in private industry with over 120 years of combined experience on the Airstrike fleet of airtankers.  In addition to a Part 145 repair station our home base is outfitted with critical ground support equipment, tools, testing equipment and spare parts sufficient to maintain the Airstrike fleet of P-3 airtankers.


Fact – a typical airtanker will only fly 200 hours per year during an average fire season.  However, these hours are stressful on the airframe and components.

The fleet of Airstrike P-3 airtankers are subject to extensive annual maintenance and inspection program.  The annual maintenance program happens once per year.  In addition, the P-3 airtankers are subject to a PDM “Phased Depot Maintenance” required by the US Navy adding cost and complexity but ensures that the P-3 is operating and maintained up to US Navy standards.  Lastly the P-3 airtankers have in place a very extensive Structural Integrity Program or “SIP”, that ensure that the critical airframe components are regularly tested and inspected to ensure the structural integrity of the airtanker.  Aerial firefighting missions subject the airframe to significant structural stress, usually due to tight banking turns fully loaded, however the P-3 was originally designed for these types of stresses and can handle the forces applied to the wings and airframe during aerial firefighting missions.

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